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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I customize my own candle label?
    Some customization may be allowed. This will often depend on what customizations are being requested and in what timeline. This business is operated in addition to another career as well as writing, so time is limited at times. If you have a question about the possibilities, reach out to me via email at or via the Contact Card.
  • Will you be adding more options for the candles in the future?
    Yes! I am looking to do regular additions and updates. If you have any special requests for scents, story elements or candle vessels, please don't hesitate to send me feedback.
  • Will you be doing seasonal candles?
    Yes!! I am planning my Spring and Summer lines now. :)
  • If I purchase as a gift, can I add a gift note?"
    Yes. Please note that in the customization note when purchasing. You may also contact me at
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